ASD Emozione is an association that deals of sports. It is formed by a group of enthusiasts and former cyclists who, having experienced the benefits of this sport in the past, want to work to help support it, in memory of those who, before them, organized cycling races. They dedicate a large part of their free time to young athletes, motivating them in achieving their goals.

Realizing Trofeo Emozione is a way to demonstrate that sport does not stop and can really give you great emotions.

ASD Emozione has the face of:

  • ADOLFO SACCHETTO: President of the Association and Executive manager of Trofeo Emozione
  • ANDREA FAVOT: Sport director and technical coordinator
  • FEDERICA POLATO: Administrator of the Association and organizing secretariat of the event

Our philosophy

by Alex Corazza

When people ask me "What do you like about cycling?" or even “What are your thoughts while you spend a lot of hours alone on the bike? " my answers are always the same: “work hard ” and “all those thing you don’t think about when you remain bowed for hours with the phone in your hand ”.

Cycling for me was and still is a fun, like an educational gym of life but above all it helped me to survive other battles.

As a rider I have not won anything that fans can remember me for but, thanks to what this sport thought to me, I won against a serious disease, leucemia, twice.

The tenacity in suffering, the desire to resist when the going gets tough, the determination not giving up, the mental strength, the discipline and sacrifice trained throughout my athletic career have all been beneficial and indispensable allies to be able to face the treatments and to get through hard times.

Years later, and after a master's degree in engineering, the bicycle remains my great passion to which I always feel the need to share same time keeping me trained to let all the stress out.

I would like to leave this reflection to the young riders: “Not everyone can crown the dream of transition to professionalism, as well as to establish yourself as great champions, but always remember what cycling teached you because it can be useful in same moments of the your professional career or private life".

A big good luck and on the pedals always give your best to have no regrets.

Alex Corazza

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