3° Trofeo Emozione

Is a National bike race for Juniors and it starts in the centre of Pordenone. A spectacular trail 127 km long that touches famous towns such as Spilimbergo, homeland for the mosaic, the Grave, also called ”the wine roots”, Val D’Arzino, crossed by the same named river that flows through beech forests creating a number of waterfalls and natural pools, the altimetric peak of Forcella del Passo Rest (1052 m), an important pass that connects two valleys, Tagliamento and Tramontina and at last Tramonti di Sopra, the arrival.

The road

127 km - 2100m difference in altitude

3° Trofeo Emozione is a race that is almost130 km and about 2000m difference in altitude.

Like the past editions, the departure will be in Pordenone and the arrival in the Tramontina Valley exactly in Tramonti di Sopra.

For 35 km the path have long and wide roads without any altitude difficulty. Once reached the village of Lestans begins the approach to the first of the three climbs of the day, 15 km of fast ups and downs will bring to the town of Casiacco where the Sella Chianzutan will start.
Sella Chianzutan is a 25 km climb with 3% of inclination, the road is wide and its surface is excellent ; the climb is long but not so difficult and is divided into three sections. The first part of the climb is 2 km long at 6.6%, with sharp turns up to Vito d'Asio, where the road gets flat; The second part is13 km long and it is rather easy, following the river Arzino with an alternation of slightly flat and downhill sections without any big problem, the route sees the crossing of some short tunnels, all illuminated, with surface inside them made of cobblestone bottom. At the exit of the village of San Francesco begins the last part of the climb, 10 very regular km at 7% average gradient; in the locality of Pozzis there are some sharp turns that the last 4 km of ascent where the inclination reach 10% but for short distances, the last one km then flattens up to reach the GPM.
The route continues in Carnia towards Villa Santina going downhill on a wide and well asphalted street up to Chiàicis. Here you turn left, for one kilometer the road flattens, tightens, and presents a series of dangerous curves and then, after a short slight to climb you go downwill to Villa.
At Villa Santina the race is on the SS52 street with direction Ampezzo; it is an alternation of flat and slightly flat distances, where runners will find adverse wind conditions.
At the 97th km, in Priuso, you will leave the SS52 by turning left and starting the second climb of the day.
Forcella di Priuso is a short but challenging climb of 3 km with an elevation of 7% up to 11% followed by a short and fast descent of 2 km, and then from a short stretch of flat road to the river Tagliamento.
The Tagliamento bridge marks the beginning of the third and last climb of the race, Forcella di Monte Rest, 7 km at 7.5% average gradient that can reach 12% at the second and third km. The road, with bottom in excellent condition, sometimes climbs through the woods even with few sharp turns. The brow at Forcella di Monte Rest is at an altitude of 1052 m where there is the last GPM ,12 km to the finish of the race.
Immediately after the GPM begins the dive towards Tramonti di Sopra, the descent of 10.5 km is technical, characterized by many Czech curves and tight backs (23) concentrated above all in the last stretch, the roadway is narrow but the bottom has recently been resurfaced.
After the descent, the road continues to descend slightly for another 3 km to the village of Tramonti where runners will find a sharp left turn. A short ramp of 200 m follows at the end of which the last curve on the left will lead to the finish straight.

It is a demanding race from the point of view of the elevation profile, which certainly suits the climbers but also passer-climbers runners who have a good period of form. The route is very smooth for the first 100 km, the Sella Chianzutan is a long climb but not challenging in which there will be no particular selection but which can leave space for a small group of forwards. Those who want to aim for success will have to "file" and save energy for the last 30 km.
The race will come alive with the ascent to Forcella di Priuso where the group will shell out a lot and not will be able to regroup before the final ascent to Forcella di Monte Rest. On the last climb a group of 25-30 runners will battle, who is not good in a sprint finish will certainly try to take advantage of the last kilometers of the Rest, passing through the GPM with a advantage of 15-20 seconds could be enough to reach the finish line alone a Tramonti di Sopra.

The road

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